Review : “CHANEL,” by Lisa Chaney

2.pngFar similar to former ones I read, this biography, written by Lisa Chaney, put more effort on exploring objective anecdotes.

With lots of personal experiences presented in this book, Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel and her life will be brought before your eyes. A woman of singular character, intelligence and imagination, a revolutionary-style life.

But more than that, Chanel’s vulnerability that everyone must have was illustrated in this book. The reliance on Author Capel and other fabulously wealthy men Coco had affairs with.

And more in this book waiting for you to discover…

My Top 10 Films of 2015

Jon Negroni

top 2015 movies

2015 will be known as the year that westerns took on space operas again, and the year that audiences clamoring for more LGBT dramas want better LGBT dramas. It was the year that practical effects and 70mm film started popping up more in the conversation, dictating some of the biggest hits of the box office.

It was a great year for movies, and one I was happy to participate in as a critic. Of the 80 films I saw in 2015, I’ve curated a list of my “top” favorites. This list differs from my 2015 Movie Power Rankings, in that it isn’t dictated by grade. I’m selecting movies that I personally loved, even if they have some notable flaws holding them back.

And this list comes with a significant caveat, in that I’ve been away for the holidays. I’ve missed several new releases, like The Hateful EightThe Revenant

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